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Creating higher Google rankings

and more traffic for your business.


What is SEO?

SEO = Search Engine Optimization

It's the process of connecting your business with the people you're looking to serve.

SEO is many things, but never fear, we're the right nerds for the job 🤓

Tech jargon aside, here are a few of the things that we do to help customers and clients discover you:

• Google My Business
• Yelp
• Blog Articles
• Press Releases
• Newsletters
• Website Copy
• Product Descriptions
• Listing Directories

Our recent seo work
Our process

We start with optimizing your images, video, and text that exist on your website to perform at the highest level.

We then create a Content Marketing strategy that makes people share and talk about you :)

We evaluate the effectiveness of our strategy and fine tune it for growth - the data doesn't lie.

Should you be ranking for "Best Hair Salon Palm Springs" or "Best Hair Salon Coachella Valley"? Our software shows where your business ranks compared to your competitors. With this data, we know exactly how to achieve the best visibility online for your business.
Your website is filled with images, text, and video and if those things aren't optimized, you're giving your competition a head start that no business can afford. We make sure that everything under the hood is running as the reliable vehicle it should be.
We do a website audit of your current website and then tailor a Content Creation strategy for your business. We provide reasons for our suggestions with clear tactics and deliverables you can expect to see.
We’ve triple-checked everything, had a sip of coffee, and published original content that we worked on with our team of writers. Now, it’s up to the almighty algorithm gods! (aka Google)
SEO is a long-term investment in your company’s future.

Want faster results? We offer a “Paid-Per-Click” paid advertising campaign that can get you those quick results. But when the advertising budget runs out, so do your clicks. It may be time to turn to SEO. 

With the SEO approach, you keep reaping the benefits of organic web traffic over a longer period. This is a evergreen marketing strategy your business can count on.


The answers to the questions you're thinking
Who do you work with?1/5
We love to work with creatives and local businesses of all sizes, especially "small businesses".
What DON'T you do?2/5
We don't overpromise and underdeliver. We don't suggest a service you don't need. And if we don't think we're the right agency for your needs, we'll gladly do our best to point you to one that is.
What do you guarantee?3/5
Success is defined differently for every business. We work with you to accomplish what you define as success for your business.

We guarantee that you'll enjoy working with us because we understand small business and listen to solve your problems as a business owner. We're there when you need us most and only suggest what your business needs.
Are you really local?4/5
100%! We're born and raised here in the Coachella Valley.
Why should we work with you?5/5
We're glad you asked!

We provide results you need the most. We love creating online experiences for your customers that not only look nice, but perform just as well. Our goal is to provide your asset that grows your business.

We're business-minded with a local emphasis. We talk with you about your business, your goals, and needs to create a strategy that works best for you now. We want you to succeed in our local economy, and we only succeed when you do first.

We don't put you in a box. We're aware of the current state of our local businesses web sites, social media presence, and their visibility online. Our community is underserved. Modern design and functionality should be accessible, not kept out of reach.

We're not a "traditional" marketing agency. We don't repeat a website design that we've used for someone else, and we most certainly don't "stick to what we know" because it worked before. We invite change, accept challenges and are always staying on top of where the state of our industry is headed, so we can take you along with us for the ride.

We understand the desert. Since we're locals, we've seen the changes and growth the coachella valley has experienced. We will feature businesses we love and that are doing great things for our community on our blog and social platforms - even if they aren't our clients. Why? Because the desert is filled with unique and kind people! You are the individuals that make the desert a beautiful place that so many of us call home.
Let’s make that thing you've been thinking about together.
Big, small, or
somewhere in the middle
we're always up for the challenge 😤
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