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BassLine Music

Developing and Maintaining an Online Presence


Client: BassLine Music

Focus: Web Design, Web Development, Social Media Management, Marketing Strategy, SEO, Photography, Videography, Editing

Website: palmspringsmusiclessons.com

BassLine Music teaches adults and children music lessons with a focus on learning to play the songs they love. With stay at home orders due to COVID-19, BassLine's business model innovated.

The goal was to create a strong digital presence that would help BaseLine Music attract new students for online music lessons. The campaign featured a redesigned website, expanded social media management with original content that continues today.

Prior to starting our SEO services, BassLine was only getting Direct traffic - people that knew the brand. Since then, we've increased their overall channels of traffic to include, Direct, Organic Search, Referral, Social, and Display traffic - casting a wider net of new visitors to the brand website.

Our SEO campaign increased BassLine's pageviews from an average of 19 views in February 2020 to 234 pageviews in February 2021 - a 12x increase overall.

Keywords that are essential to the business for organic rankings saw an increase in rankings in the Top 3, 10, 20, and 100 for keywords the business is ranking for. This increase of keyword ranking lead to an overall gain in visibility and site traffic.

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